This is Maya's and Diogo's contribution to blogging.

Maya: She giggles every time she sees the number 69. She says she is half Chinese, but no one actually believes her. She constantly advises Diogo on fashion, but despite her best efforts he still looks hipster. Maya can't eat bananas or eggs. She is tall even though as I write this she is saying that she isn't. SHE IS. Maya has myopia (-6.0 / -5.5 ).

Diogo: Has the biggest, prettiest bluest eyes you will ever see. He tries to deny it, but he's pretty damn hipster (but like a cool hipster not a douche hipster). His smile and charm can warm any room. Diogo is great at anything and everything he tries. Diogo also loves ketchup. Some might say too much, I say WAY too much. He has Astigmatism and Myopia ( -6.5 / -6.0 ) • How bad are YOUR eyes?